Group Life & Personal Accident

group-life-insuranceGroup Life & Personal Accident

Business Covered
•Policy not to exceed 12 months
•Group should be 5 or more Employees
•Compulsory Coverage
•Restricted for lives residing in UAE & the GCC Countries (namely Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates , Oman , Kuwait , Bahrain & Qatar)

Compulsory Coverage
•Death due to Any Cause (DAC)

Optional Coverage
•Accidental Death (AD) – Double Indemnity
•Permanent Total Disability Accident & Sickness ( PTD A & S)
•Permanent Partial Disability Accident & Sickness as per Continental Scale
•Temporary Total Disability Accident & Sickness (TTD A& S )
•Accidental Medical Expenses ( AME)
•Critical illness
•Terminal illness
•Mortal Remains Repatriation Expenses including Cost of accompanying person

For members located in the GCC Countries , Passive war & Conventional Terrorism are covered

Limit per Insured
The maximum amount payable per life with all benefits combined is AED 10,000,000/-.
If a fixed & flat Sum Insured is requested it cannot exceed AED 1,000,000/- per person and will be limited to ten times annual salary.
For Accidental Medical Expenses & Mortal Remains Repatriation & Repatriation providing PTD for any occupation (including cost of accompanying person), the maximum limit is AED 50,000/-

•Minimum age at entry: 18 yrs
•Maximum age at entry : 69 yrs
•Cover ceases at 70 for all benefits provided within scope of this facility except for Critical illness benefit for which the limit age is 65 yrs old.
•Cover ceases when the employee leaves the Group
•Cover ceases after a Permanent Total Disability Claim.


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