• Fire & Allied Perils Insurance

    Any loss or damage to material and property causes in terms of loss of capital and other consequential losses as a result of Fire is drastic and monetary compensation to restore the property and …MORE

  • Property All Risks Insurance

    This insurance policy indemnifies the Insured for accidental physical loss of or damage to the property insured whilst situated at the premises described in the policy. It is an all risk coverage which includes the perils covered under …MORE

  • Burglary Insurance

    The cover for Burglary is availed in conjunction with the Fire and Lightning or Fire and Allied Perils in either combined or separate contracts the latter of which would require that a Fire insurance policy be in force…MORE

  • Business Interruption Insurance

    The business will be affected as a result of a loss due to the risk of fire and the damages it may cause. There will be certain standing charges that will continue to be incurred irrespective of the situation that the insured is placed in…MORE

  • Group Personal Accident Insurance

    Accidents are common and sometimes cause fatal injury leading to disabilities or death. Personal Accident Insurance is a benefit policy providing compensation in the event of an unfortunate event…MORE

  • Money Insurance

    Money like any other property is susceptible to loss and damage. Money refers to cash, notes, cheques, and securities for money, stamps, postal and money orders. The risks exposures covered under Money Insurance are as under…MORE

  • Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

    Despite the best internal control measures in any corporate activity, mishaps like misappropriation and embezzlements by employees do take place. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy is specially developed to protect employers …MORE

  • Jeweller’s Block Insurance

    This Policy is specifically designed for the gold and jewel merchants or jewellers whose trade is exposed to various risk exposures despite the security measures taken by them. The Jeweller’s Block Insurance provides wider coverage …MORE