Arabian Scandinavian Insurance Company (P.L.C.) – TAKAFUL

The Company ARABIAN SCANDINAVIAN INSURANCE COMPANY (PLC) – TAKAFUL _ ASCANA INSURANCE is known since the year 1978 incorporated with limited liability by Amiri Decree in DUBAI, UAE. The Company is subject to the Federal Law No. (9) on 1984 and Low No. 6 on 2007 for Insurance Authority and registered in the insurance company register under No. (6) on15/12/1984. Paid up Capital Dirhams 154 Million.
In the beginning of 2015, the Company turned to be TAKAFUL INSURANCE COMPANY ,we are still working with success in our Head Office DUBAI and in the all branches UAE


The company is qualified to undertake all General Insurance (Motor, Medical , Life, Personal Accident, Property, Householders, Travel Protection, Money, Professional Indemnity, Liability, Engineering, Marine Hull, Aviation , Marine Cargo, Pleasure Boats and Yachts) and Reinsurance under the UAE Law. The long history of dealing has positively strengthened relationships between the Company and the clients which in turn encouraged the company to expand its business as a result of the confidence it acquired because of its compliance with all its contracts, obligations on time.


The total work force of the Company includes administrative staff and technical staff, experienced professionals are capable of meeting the needs of a sophisticated international clientele with efficient and timely claims services, supported by the latest in information technology resources which are distributed between the Head Office and the other branches of the company.
As liaison between the Head Office and its branches are strong and efficient, complementation between production stages and progress of execution has developed to a gratifying level which the company strives to maintain.


During its long march of attainments in the field of insurance, it has been proud about the recognition and appreciation it received.

As concerns the confidence and appreciation, the Company enjoys through its dealings with the various sectors of the official and non official commercial and professional sectors both local and foreign, it has got to a level where the company considers this confidence and appreciation as part and parcel of its total capital.


Call Us: 04-2824403 (or) 04-2825585
Toll Free: 800-ASCANA (272262)
Fax: 04-2825586